ATLAS FOR ANIMATE BODIES - VOL. 1 —showed in London Design Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum (British Galleries Room 56c) for the period 13th-22nd September 2013.

Installation by—Simmon Pummell

Simon Pummell

Atlas for Animate Bodies - combines digital animation processes with traditional figure drawing to create a new atlas of the human figure.
Every volume of the Atlas exists both as a series of digital animations and also as a unique, hand-crafted book of the watercolours used to create the moving images.
Traditionally our anatomies were associated with the flayed and dissected corpse, and so with death. In a world of hospital x-rays, medical scans and routine airport scanning we have become transparent: living and moving anatomies.
In ATLAS FOR ANIMATE BODIES the large-scale drawings that form the basis of the animation process use graphite, lamp black, bone black, human blood, and various other archaic pigments: all suspended in either gum arabic or acrylic medium.
So the figures in the final installations are created from a combination of traditional pigments with complex modifying, re-ordering, distorting and animating digital code.
This hybridity of ancient and modern technical means is an intrinsic element of the project's search for a new relationship between physical and conceptual work, and traditional and contemporary technologies.