Choreographer—Nora Sitges
Theatre—Gärtnerplatz Theater, Munich
Music Live performance—Roger Goula

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"Basically, it's like going to the market to buy fresh ingredients for a particular meal", is how ballet director Karl Alfred Schreiner describes the creation of a choreography. "Often, you pick up things quite spontaneously, try them out, taste them. Finally, it turns into something really exciting that you'll never produce the same way again." In the Dancesoap "Minutemade", audiences can experience for themselves this moment of the creative Big Bang, which normally only happens behind closed doors! The rules are strict: Each of our choreographers has precisely a week to give free rein to their creativity, with our ballet company, and then to present their shared work in the form of a "snapshot". The only condition is that the new episode must start exactly where the previous one ended. At the end of the week, two episodes are then available to view – the predecessor's creation moves seamlessly into the new episode. Spontaneous live interventions by the choreographer and interaction with the audience are expressly invited on the evening of the performance. "The clash of personalities is what gives the series its appeal", said the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", describing the furious opening of the Dancesoap in the 2012 / 2013 season, and after illustrious guest choreographers such as Mauro Astolfi, Georg Reischl, Cayetano Soto, Jo Strømgren, Alexander Ekman, Marco Goecke, Antony Rizzi and Christopher Roman, the series continues with four renowned female choreographers going for girl power! Get ready to find out who's going to accept the invitation this time from ballet director Karl Alfred Schreiner to visit Munich and to face the challenge of: "One room. One week. 20 dancers."