Release Date: Octiber 14th 2022

Cognitive Shift Recordings

Original Music For the Dickson Mbi Choreography ENOWATE.

A dancer of extraordinary power and grace, Dickson Mbi summons multiple identities in this mesmerising solo performance inspired by a life-changing journey to his ancestral home in Cameroon. The symbolic presence of a two-headed snake, the tiger whose roar vibrated as part of a funeral ritual, the knowing touch of a blind elder … it was these unnerving encounters that profoundly affected the London choreographer during a recent trip to his family’s village. They have all brought him closer to the animistic practices of his African heritage and to the mystical place where they meet with his modern East End upbringing.

Enowate, meaning ‘truth stands’, draws on sinuous elements of hip-hop and contemporary dance in combination with original music and otherworldly animated projections. In asking the relatable question, ‘who am I?’, he connects with enigmatic forces to reveal himself and emerge from the shadows.

Enowate will be presented at Sadler's Well's on October 14th & 15th 2022

Co-commissioned by: Sadler's Wells, The Barbican, Dance East & The Lowry

Vocals - Ntunja (Universal Records)
Voices - Dickson Mbi, Patrice Naiambana, Michael Ajao, Sapphire Joy
Strings - Violeta Vicci
Recorded at Goula Studios Ltd, London
Mixed bt Tom Bailey - Air Studios, London
Mastered by Cicely Balston - Air Studios, London


6 tracks, Cognitive Shift Recordings, 2022

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